Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A SuperBowl experiment gone oh-so-right!

Guacomole: done.
5 layer dip: done.
Bean and Corn Wontons: done.
But what do I do with this chicken breast I have left over? And those panko bread crumbs and plain yogurt? Well you make mustard chicken tenders with homemade honey mustard dipping sauce of course!
I struck out on my own for this unintentional discovery a couple weekends ago while making some tasty game-time treats with my friend, BR. It was a simple, delicious and a hit at the bar! (Yes we brought our own food to the bar) So, lets begin:

You need...
Chicken Breast - single is fine but a pair is always I wrong?
Plain yogurt
Panko bread crumbs and some herbed crumbs (they're smaller and coat well where the panko might miss.)
Mustard of your choice. I'm going to suggest an average yellow mustard for the chicken and a seedy dijon for the sauce.

- pre heat oven to 350
- Cut up the chicken breast into approx 1-2 inch cubes or stripes, whatever you prefer.
- in a bowl, mix the yogurt with some mustard. I'd go with about a 1 part yogurt to .25 part mustard ratio, we're just looking for a subtle flavor here.
- lay the bread crumbs out on a plate.
- dip chicken in yogurt/mustard goodness then roll it in bread crumbs and place each piece on a lightly greased pan.
- place said pan in oven to bake and set timer for 10 mins, check at 5 mins though just to be safe. If they need longer than 10 than go for it. I'm going to suggest checking the thickest nug to see if its cooked.
Note: if you find the chicken is done but the crumbs aren't yet crispy flip on the broiler for a sec.

Time to get saucey!
- Mix some honey with some dijon mustard to taste. Done.

Game on! Wasn't that easy? And its pretty healthy too!

Alright kid, good talk! See you out there! (insert smack on the ass here)

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