Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We missed you so!

After a brief hiatus we're back at the stove, stilettos and all! It was a long cold figurative winter in our kitchen this summer and we're both SUPER PSYCHED to get back to it! So without further adieu...

A Summer Fruit Tart of sorts (with a fun little extra)

This tasty goodness began with a post-dinner desperate need for something sweet...oh and healthy too! We found the following in NC's freezer/fridge/cabinets:

2 Nectarines
Multi-grain pancake mix and whatever those directions call for (shameless plug for Trader Joe's Multi-Grain Pancake Mix...this stuff is mmm mmm good as pancakes, waffles, muffins...a summer fruit tart perhaps...)
A cast iron frying pan
Maybe some oatmeal, brown sugar, and cinnamon if you so desire.
And of course, Love. This is usually located in the back corner of the shelf with the sugar...or the butter tray if you're Paula Dean

Moving on:
Heat the pan to a medium high temp and spread some "love" all over that.
Cut up the nectarines, toss in the hot pan with the berries.
Toss a little cinnamon and brown sugar in there for good measure.
Let the berries reduce...we do love a good reduction.
While they do their thing, preheat the oven to 400ish and do up the pancake mix and put it aside for a moment.
Once you've got a some serious liquid going on take the pan off the heat and pour the liquid into a glass or bowl and set it aside for later.
Make sure the berry/stone fruit goodness is spread evenly over the bottom of the pan before we experience the greatness of cast iron cookware.
Pour the pancake mix over the fruit and sprinkle a some of the oatmeal/brown sugar/spices on top and pop that s#*$ in the oven!!

And now we wait...
Check on the oven every so often...we were impatient and checked every 5-10mins. I think it went for about 20mins total.
When the pancake is cooked through and the oatmeal is good and crispy take out the tart and let it cool before digging in!

One more thing: Remember that magic berry elixir we put aside? Good. Go ahead and strain that, pop a bottle of Prosseco and make yourself a Belini because, like L'Oreal says, you're worth it!